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About Us

Spices and Spirits – Our Story

Spices and Spirits a new Indian restaurant was launched on 15th July 2019. Situated in the area called Kings Furlong, walking distance from the top of the town is the brainchild of Mrs. Anushree Patil. The idea was to create a restaurant serving the exciting taste of the many regions of India, combined with style, flair, and presentation.

India, the melting pot of cultures, languages and traditions has one of the finest and richest culinary histories. The country, divided into four regions, north, south, east and west, is a confluence of varied, diverse and distinct cooking styles.

The diversity is the essence of Indian food, which is an important and enriching part of Indian culture. The food is a key ingredient in quality family life and festivities. Indian families enjoy and celebrate their togetherness over breakfast, snacks and meals. Special recipes are cherished for generations and are handed down from mother to daughter. The timeless legacy is carried forward from generation to generation.

Indian cuisine is renowned for subtle blends of aromatic herbs and spices and exotic gravies. Regardless of region, caste, creed and language, spices are the key ingredients. They not only add depth of flavor but also facilitate healing with their almost magical properties.

In India, cooking is an art, perfected over time and kitchen is regarded as the soul of every Indian home. According to the traditional Indian cooking, the food is categorized into six basic tastes- sweet, sour, salty, spicy, bitter and astringent. A well balanced Indian meal contains all six tastes and is wholesome and nutritious.

Regional dishes with traditional ingredients, fresh herbs and spices are playing a great part in today’s Indian kitchen.

Mrs. Anushree Patil is passionate about real Indian food and understand this mix of traditional and contemporary values. She has spent time with best chefs from various parts of India to learn and understand from their experience with the best of Indian regional cuisine in restaurants, private homes, stately palaces and not least from street vendors. These have all influenced the menu at Spices and Spirits and the menu blends regional recipes and traditional ingredients with modern techniques and presentation. All dishes have an emphasis on lightness but still with all the spicing and flavour expected from an Indian meal, and organic ingredients are used where possible.

The tandoori oven is used imaginatively, not only for the obvious candidates such as chicken and lamb, but also for  vegetables & paneer. This menu offers many vegan dishes too. Our ethos is to offer refined and flavoursome Indian cooking with imagination, which is matched by a service that is at once friendly and highly efficient. This includes our rich Indian heritage which is at the heart of our restaurant. Elegance, good cooking, fine wines, warm service, fair pricing and an ambience which is understated yet refined, is what puts Spices & Spirits in the best Indian cuisine category. Now let the food, drink and service speak for itself.

Meet Our Chefs

Chef Sunny loves to be in the kitchen experimenting new recipes. He always says that his love of cooking started at an early age in his moms’ kitchen in India. Little did he know that his love of combining the freshest of ingredients, with his creative flair for presentation would take him to some upscale restaurants in India and abroad, and all the way to the United Kingdom. He loves to go out amongst his diners sharing his love of food, getting their feedback and personalising scrumptious meals to suit the palate of his discerning clients.

His philosophy that Indian cuisine should be prepared using a very clean and fresh approach to ancient recipes where the taste and flavours become the most enjoyable authentic Indian cuisine one can ever consume.

He is now looking towards the bigger picture and hopes to carry his vision of giving diners great food, excellent personalised service, at affordable prices, to other cuisines.

Vision & Mission

  • To take the timeless legacy of Indian food forward by delivering fresh, home-made, tasty Indian food across Basingstoke, UK.
  • To cater to diverse needs and achieve complete customer delight in quality and authenticity
  • To be the first choice of our customers and to develop a large and loyal customer base
125+ Dishes
7+ Hours All Days Tue-Sun
50+ Options of Wines & Drinks
10+ Vegan Dishes

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For your convenience, we are happy to help you make the reservation online. Please submit the booking form or please call us directly through the customer service number: +44 1256 636575 . Kindly note that the same day bookings are accepted by phone only.